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Tally Accounting Software
Financial Accounting Software for Business Owners and Professionals
Simple Software. Big Benefits.

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Financial Accounting Software for
Business Owners and Professionals

Are you wondering how to keep track of VAT, Service Tax and eTDS and still find enough time to spend on your business?

I agree. Keeping track of all the accounting transactions, sundry debtors, sundry creditors, inventory and other such things is a time consuming job by itself. And now the government is introducing new & complicated legislation one after another. Small and medium business owners like you and me are finding it really difficult to keep up.

Will somebody help us to to get a little more free time that we can spend on developing our business in this competitive market?

Introducing Tally Accounting Software

Tally is a well known accounting software that has simplified life and tax compliance for lakhs of business owners.

Now with the introduction of VAT, Service Tax and eTDS features, it has become a very powerful time saver tool for you and me.

If you can't afford to line up an expensive team of accountants who will spend ages maintaining the statutory records manually or with other accounting packages that help you to computerise only part of your record keeping needs, go for Tally.

Tally is the ultimate accounting software for an Indian businessman. It not only helps you to maintain accurate, real time accounting records for your statutory requirements, it gives you excellent insight into the performance of your business. You can get a bird eye's view of your overall performance or zoom right upto the voucher level, if you want to really go deep and and study the individual transactions. Even Fusion Retail software works very well with Tally, with Tally Hotsync. Also check out this provident fund software.

But isn't Tally expensive?

Not at all. There is virtually no accounting software in the market that covers so many aspects of statutory and MIS reports at this price. Add to this, the user friendliness and ease of getting expert operators at a reasonable salary - and you have a winner at hand.

Smart people maintain their accounts with Tally - won't you like to delegate this mundane job to it and spend your valuable time with what will make you money - your core business.

Yours in success

P.S. Accounting and record keeping is boring but an essential part of your business. If you can relax with the knowledge that your accounts are in safe hands, you can concentrate on developing your business and getting more sales. Install Tally and get more free time while maintaining full control over your accounts information.

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You can avail of special discounts on various products & services if you buy Tally from us.

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